From Cardiff with Love

I’m afraid i didn’t discover bikini kill until 2003. As a teen i was interested in women’s studies but coming from a small town in Somerset, England I didn’t stand too much of a chance to find a lot to inspire me.

So much happens to you when your a hormonal 15 year old and yet i remember this moment so vividly! In 2003 I was sat at my families PC and my older brother walked in the room, looked over and just said, “you need to listen to this” he handed me a copy of Bikini Kill’s The Singles and I truly believe that this is the most important thing i’ve ever been given.

Since that moment i have not looked back i have graduated from a music degree, specialising in women with music and have recently joined the Cardiff based girl/boy band Los Campesinos!

Los Campesinos! recently supported The slits (which was the most amazing thing) and have managed to find a ‘job’ that I not only love, but allows me to be completely submerged in powerful, inspiring women and their work.

I have no doubt that none of this would have happened without Bikini Kill’s music.
If i had my way every 15 year old girl would be handed this record.

Kim Paisey

One Response to “From Cardiff with Love”

  1. hi Kim, didn’t John Goodmanson record the Los Campesinos record? I think he emailed telling me how much he loved the band but I still am pretty unfamiliar with the music. I didn’t realize they were from Cardiff! I am pretty sure we played there with Huggy Bear and there was a near “riot”! I guess I’ll have to try and go back and find the tour diary. best wishes xoxo tobi

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